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Leadership workshop including event organization and implementation

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Über den Kurs

There is momentum in the generative AI space due to massively available consumer products like ChatGPT, GPT4, etc…. These are present in all areas of the company up to the C-level. Further announcements such as the integration of the new technology into Microsoft’s Office365 products or automations of internal process structures reinforce this dynamic. The understanding of the possible applications in the management team of companies is heterogeneous.

To help executives make decisions faster, AIQ has created a workshop format where you can choose between remote or on-site: In a joint kick-off workshop with executives (management, department heads* and directors*), we encourage the “use of AI in the company”, picking up the momentum around AI and the potential further developments associated with it. This creates an opportunity for management to suggest specific product ideas such as.

  • ChatGPT in customer service
  • Conversational agents in internal company processes
  • Chatbots as personal assistants

The AIQ will take over two hours of introductions, highlight challenges around the use of generative AI, and provide the latest update around international regulations and their impact on product development. Finally, we present best practices around the use of generative AI.

The AIQ will also take care of the organization of the event at the HOLM’s premises at the Gateway Garden and the catering. In addition, we can also optionally invite guest speakers from our network of related companies or other industry shows to give you insights into use cases.

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Please reach out to our team of experienced instructors for an offer and to book the course. They are passionate about sharing their expertise and guiding you on this transformative learning journey.


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