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What are the (main) tasks and core objectives of the AI Quality & Testing Hub?

The core objective of the AI Quality & Testing Hub (AIQ) is to promote the trustworthy and secure use of AI systems within the framework of the European value system, because this is a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for “AI made in Hessen”.
AI Quality & Testing Hub GmbH takes on the task of individual consulting for companies and organizations on the topic of “AI quality”.
This is supplemented by the development and offering of training and education programs.

Also envisioned is the creation and licensing of quality-assured test and training datasets for AI that can be used to verify the results of algorithms in test runs.
There are also plans to develop and lease simulation environments to test AI systems (e.g., for autonomous vehicles).
In order to be able to formulate standards for the use of AI more quickly, AIQ is supporting this with its AI experts together with the VDE and the state of Hesse.

What benefits do you see for the industries/companies?

The trustworthiness of AI systems is an important basis for users, whether end users or companies. Reliable criteria are needed to evaluate the quality of the systems. Providers of AI systems can therefore acquire proof of quality by having their AI tested by the AI Quality & Testing Hub, which can convey this trustworthiness.

Since improving the quality of AI systems through standardization or appropriate tools for proving data quality are often not part of the core business of companies, AIQ can provide support here: both in complying with AI quality standards and in creating test reports and quality proofs.

In addition, companies can network to obtain reliable information around AI quality and develop the skills of their employees. Companies looking for software, simulations or other tools to prove AI or data quality can also benefit from AIQ.

Why is the state of Hesse or the VDE involved?

“Focusing on people” is the guiding principle of the Digital Hesse strategy and also means, in particular, developing AI innovations with a sense of responsibility and thus also creating trust in their application.
For the state of Hesse, the AI Quality & Testing Hub is therefore one of the future projects within the framework of the AI future agenda.
This places a special focus on responsible AI innovations and their transfer into application.
The AIQ promotes quality-assured, responsible “AI made in Hessen” and can achieve at least European or even international reach in the process.

In the 130 years of its existence, the technology organization VDE has always stood for protection and safety in combination with innovation.
Whereas in the past the focus was on electricity as a new technology at the time, today the VDE is involved in artificial intelligence in a very similar way.

Which industries does the AI Quality & Testing Hub focus on? Where is the highest application potential?

The AI Quality & Testing Hub is open to all industries and can bring its strengths into play especially when there are special requirements for the quality of AI systems.
This may concern, for example, personal rights or security aspects – whether in the field of mobility, finance or pharmaceutical and healthcare applications.
Here, AIQ will develop software and tests based on the European standards.

What are the initial plans for the AI Quality & Testing Hub?

In the start-up phase, the AI Quality & Testing Hub focuses on the networking of AI expertise, companies and potential users and provides corresponding network offers.
These include the AI Quality Summit, the first edition of which was held back in November 2022 with a triple-digit number of national and international participants.

On the other hand, initial qualification and training offers are being developed to provide early benefits for companies.
Initial contacts and support projects with companies from the mobility, health and finance sectors have already been initiated.

What other collaborations are being planned?

The AI Quality & Testing Hub intends to bring together various vendors and startups in the field of AI testing to align their performance with quality and standardization requirements.

In addition, close networking is planned with the Hessian AI competence center hessian.AI and the AI Startup Rising initiative linked there, with the Hessian Center for Responsible Digitalization (ZEVEDI), with the Techquartier and other startup hubs, as well as sub-companies of the globally active VDE Group, from which further collaborations are to emerge.

Why was the Hub established at HOLM or is the Hub located at HOLM? Is there a special reference?

HOLM has the best prerequisites due to its central location at the international hub of Frankfurt with its special industry and company structure and its network of national and international stakeholders. In addition, Europe’s largest Internet node, DE-CIX, is located in Frankfurt, and the majority of Germany’s nationwide data center capacity is located in this area.

In what capacity does the Hub see itself in relation to the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act (“AI Act”)?

Many of the AI Act requirements describe quality attributes of AI.
The AIQ supports companies in preparing for these requirements in good time. In this context, AIQ sees itself in the role of an advisor and also wants to strengthen AI competencies in particular.