Hessen is not just a hub of culture and history; it’s also a hotbed for cutting-edge technology, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). The state thrives innovation and works to actively shaping the future of AI. Hesse’s artificial intelligence ecosystem is both diverse and dynamic. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and automotive are already using a wide range of AI technologies to drive efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness. But the AI revolution in Hessen doesn’t stop there. In fact, it’s just getting started. 

Numerous start-ups dot the landscape, each one pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI, exploring new boundaries in mobility, energy, healthcare, and beyond. Their creativity and drive are favouring the region’s reputation as a powerhouse of innovation. 

Universities and universities of applied sciences in the region are conducting groundbreaking research in AI, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and driving practical applications forward. Their contributions are of great value for the advancement of Hessen to the forefront of the global AI landscape. 

Curious to see what AI in Hessen looks like in action? Look no further than the Hessian AI map, where around 150 examples of AI research and application are showcased: https://best-practice.ki-hessen.de/ . From groundbreaking academic research to innovative industry applications, the map offers a comprehensive overview of the variety of AI in Hessen. Take a journey of discovery through the map and witness firsthand the diversity of AI made in Hessen. 

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Furthermore, Hessen welcomes innovators to join its AI community. Whether you’re working on an exciting AI project or offering cutting-edge AI technologies, there’s a place for you in Hessen’s AI landscape. Become part of this thriving ecosystem, share your expertise, and collaborate with like-minded individuals to shape the future of AI in Hessen and beyond. 

In Hesse, we are actively shaping the future. Join us on this journey and let’s create a future together in which AI is a positive force that promotes innovation, prosperity and progress for all.

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