Promoting fair market conditions and innovation through responsible regulation

Promoting innovation and building trust in AI is a crucial step towards widespread and responsible use of AI applications. The National Initiative for AI-based Transformation in the Data Economy (NITD) is taking an important step in this direction with the introduction of the MISSION AI initiative. The initiative announced by Federal Minister Volker Wissing at the “Fueling European Innovation with AI” conference in Mainz focuses on cooperation in the development and testing of AI quality and testing standards.

The objectives pursued by MISSION AI are clear: the standards developed must be usable, appropriate and adaptable and promote an AI ecosystem of trust and excellence in Europe. A leadership role, especially in the area of regulation, means seizing opportunities, taking risks and adapting quickly. A fair balance between innovation and regulation is crucial, and MISSION AI brings together top partners such as the AI Quality & Testing Hub, CertifAI, Fraunhofer IAIS, PwC Germany, TÜV AI Lab and the VDE. Together, these organizations contribute their extensive expertise to make MISSION AI a driving force in shaping the future of AI.

Clear standards are the answer to safety issues in connection with AI. MISSION KI bundles expertise from science, consulting, standardization and testing. The focus is on putting artificial intelligence to the test and improving the quality of AI systems. The EU AI Act specifically regulates high-risk AI applications, while there are transparency obligations for non-risk applications and general AI models. Michael Rammensee, Managing Director of the AI Quality & Testing Hub, emphasizes the need to provide users with trustworthy access to intelligent applications.

The partners of the newly founded group – PwC Germany, Fraunhofer IAIS, TÜV AI Lab, CertifAI, the AI Quality & Testing Hub and the VDE – form a strong alliance that aims to drive the success of MISSION AI.

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