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Our offer

The AI Quality & Testing Hub has the mission to promote the quality of AI systems and to make it verifiable. In the Hub, companies have the opportunity to demonstrate and improve quality properties of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. This should help users gain confidence in AI applications and that novel technologies are in line with the European value system.

Training & Education – Online Courses

We offer online courses, training on topics around AI quality, AI in operations and the impact of new regulatory frameworks on your products. Sign up for our e-learning options here:

Our micro learning videos are available online for participants, allowing them to learn at their own flexible pace, regardless of their location.

Or contact us through the contact form for an enterprise solution to be integrated within your own learning management system.

Training & Education – Blended Learning

In addition to our online courses, we also offer comprehensive combinable solutions for corporate training that include both live and blended learning.

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Training & Education – Workshops

We offer workshops around the topics of generative AI, use in business or public administration, including risk management:

Interested in a workshop with your own topic? Contact us via the contact form.

Quality criteria & audits

We work with you to develop quality criteria for the responsible use of AI and conduct independent audits of AI systems.

Hands-on – Quality assurance

Need assistance in creating quality assured data and datasets and model test routines, project work, and standards implementation.

Hands-on – Red Teaming

Are you looking for an independent team to study a large language model according to current standards?

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Support implementation international regulations

Avoid risks induced by new regulatory projects. Do you follow best practices? Is your process ready for a future with AI? Avoid technical effort and costs in operation.


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