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Training & Education

We offer online courses, training on topics around AI quality, AI in operations and impact of new regulatory frameworks on your products.​ Unlock the potential of AI and stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive online courses, tailored to empower individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re diving into the fundamentals of AI quality or navigating the intricate landscape of regulatory frameworks, our e-learning options provide the flexibility you need to learn on your own terms. All of our programs are designed to equip you with essential knowledge for success in today’s AI-driven world.​

Join our online course “Achieving AI Quality in Practice“; a roster of industry leaders have already benefited from our training solution. We’re proud to have provided our comprehensive courses to a major pharma company, empowering their teams with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the AI landscape. Check out one of our clients certificates here .)​

The Leadership Workshop on AI Quality aims to address the growing interest and adoption of generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and GPT4 across various sectors, including Microsoft’s Office365 products. The workshop targets executives, providing insights into the potential applications of AI within their companies. The workshop covers challenges, international regulations, and best practices associated with using generative AI. AIQ handles the organization of the event, including venue and catering, and can also invite guest speakers for additional insights. Interested parties can contact AIQ via a form or email to plan their event.

AI has transformed industries, including healthcare, but understanding AI regulations is essential for safe innovation. In the course Introduction to regulatory requirements for AI-based medical devices you will delve into the use of data-driven systems with a focus on new challenges. Throughout the course, we’ll explore real-world examples and unravel regulatory frameworks, covering technical, regulative, and normative considerations. Our online solution offers flexibility, allowing you to subscribe to individual modules and earn a certificate upon completion.

Contact us via info@aiqualityhub.com or the contact form below for one of the options above or to discuss further training opportunities tailored to your organization’s needs.


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